Coffee Shop




Great news for those of you missing our hot lunches and fabulous coffee and cake!

Our coffee shop will re-open on Saturday 11th July.

We are busy working out many of the finer details, which are focused on team and customer safety – as well as ensuring that everyone has a great experience. This is similar to the approach we took in reopening the garden centre, which worked really well.

All we can really tell you at the moment is that we will be offering a reduced menu and there will be a different system in place when entering the coffee shop (we are still working on this!). Also, as per government track and trace guidelines, we will be asking customers to leave their name and contact details, which we will then store securely for 21 days.

We will be announcing more details in the next few days. Please keep an eye on social media or our website. We are unable to answer any further questions online or on the phone, please bear with us and await further announcements!