Coffee Shop Lincolnshire

Our coffee shop in Lincolnshire has fast received a lot of praise and has since become the go-to place for gardeners and homeowners in the area for a hot cup of coffee and home-made meals. If you live in the area but have not yet visited us, this weekend sounds like a great time to make it happen.

Variety in our coffee shop in Lincolnshire Looking for a coffee shop in Lincolnshire? Visit Lyndhurst Garden Centre for breakfast, lunch menu and drinks!

We have a number of things to offer out of the kitchen of our restaurant in Lincolnshire. From wholesome meals, with every ingredient locally grown and produced, to delicious snacks and cakes and the best cup of tea or coffee you will ever have, we have it all in the menu to satisfy your palate. Do you love our local products? Make sure to visit our farm shop as well!

  • We serve breakfast till 11:30 every morning and offer a number of options for you to choose from. Apart from the regular sausages, beans, and cheese breakfasts, we have a number of other options to satisfy your hunger. We have Panini’s, sandwiches, omelettes, and much more to offer onl our breakfast menu in Lincolnshire.
  • Our lunch menu is just as expansive, if not more. We start serving lunch at 11:30 am and bring it out hot for our guests. From sausages, roasts, jacket potatoes, sandwiches, and homemade salad to vegetarian options and the day’s special, we have plenty to offer to satisfy your hunger in our restaurant at great prices.
  • When it comes to drinks, we have them hot as well as chilled. Our list of hot drinks in Lincolnshire runs long with coffee available in its various popular flavours (latte, mocha, cappuccino, espresso, etc.), not to mention tea - the ever loved hot beverage of the British. At the same time, our cold beverages in Lincolnshire include beers and wine.

Friendly staff, and a peaceful restaurant

Our restaurant in Lincolnshire is popular for more than the food and drinks we offer. In fact, we are repeatedly complimented for the serene ambience in the afternoons as well as our comfortable chairs and sofas that make the exercise of eating a comfort. Our friendly staff also make our guests feel truly welcome and help them navigate the menu with ease.

Tea, meals, & parties in our tea room in Lincolnshire

Our tea room in Lincolnshire is available for parties. You can contact the front desk and have your party booked and discuss any special requests for the menu. Come over to our coffee shop in Lincolnshire for a cup of coffee with a friend or a meal with family soon.