Farm Shop Skegness

Our farm shop in Skegness is turning into the go-to place for our neighbouring residents when itcomes to getting organic local produce, especially the many types of cheese that we offer in our stock. We also offer many kinds of local products in our restaurant.

Range of products in our farm shop in Skegness

We have many kinds of cheese available in our local produce farm shop along with other
products grown or made by local brands trusted for quality of methods and taste.

  • Cheese: We have a number of local brands of cheese available in our farm shop in Skegness.Visit our Farm shop in Skegness at Lyndhurst Garden Centre
  •  Lincolnshire Poacher: A brand that needs no introduction in this part of the country, we stock various of Lincolnshire Poacher cheeses on our shelves for you, including the famous Lincolnshire Poacher, Lincolnshire Red, Vintage Poacher, Double Barrel, and Oak Smoked.
  • Lymn Bank: Another locally popular brand of cheese and dairy produce that we fervently stock in our farm shop. We sell a number of their hand-made cheese products, including Skegness’ very own Skegness Blue.
  • Just Jane: We also sell a very special mature cheddar cheese brand in our shop named Just Jane. The cheese has been dedicated to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Fly Again Fund.
  • Eggs: We keep fresh free range eggs in stock from the nearest chicken farm in large and jumbo sizes for reasonable prices.
  • Bread: We stock quirky flavoured loaves in our Skegness farm shop, including Moden’s- a local baking business - plum bread, shortbread biscuits, and loaf cakes. Myers’ -which is another local bakery - moist plum loaf.
  • Beer: When it comes to beer, Batemans’ brews have made a name for themselves far beyond Lincolnshire. We keep quite a few of their ales and beers in our stock that the local residents are too good to ignore. Tom Wood’s Beer is also stocked in the store.

The best spot to buy local produce from Skegness

In our little farm shop in Skegness, we offer the very best of local produce on amazing prices. While so far our focus has been on cheeses and bread, we intend to soon add in a number of items from various other growers in the area so you can come to us to get more than dairy products or beer.

Our constant focus on quality & customer service in our local farm shop

The farm shop is growing in terms of what we offer in our inventory. We want to be able to provide you the best of all local produce in our shop so you do not miss any of the region’s delicious locally grown and produced foods. Visit our farm shop in Skegness soon and take home the very best of cheese, bread, and beer. Do you want to taste our dishes made with local ingredients? Make sure to visit our coffee shop as well!