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Plant of the Week: Caryopteris

Plant of the Week: Caryopteris

When planted in groups, this easy-going, drought-tolerant little shrub makes lovely airy clouds of sky-blue flowers, floating like a haze above the border. For that alone it's worth growing: but it also has deliciously scented foliage, a little like lavender, and beautiful architectural seed heads to dry and use in winter floral arrangements.

C. x clandonensis 'Heavenly Blue' is one of the deepest blues, while 'Worcester Gold' has golden foliage and the leaves of 'White Surprise' are edged in white. Give your caryopteris a sunny spot in free-draining soil and it'll reach around 1m tall and wide: prune once a year in spring to keep it neat. 

Force hyacinths and daffodils

Plant potfuls of hyacinths and paperwhite daffodils now to force for their sweetly-scented flowers in the middle of winter. You'll find specially-prepared heat treated bulbs on sale in the garden centre: plant into pots of bulb fibre, water and keep cool and dark until shoots appear. Move onto a sunny windowsill and enjoy.

Giant pumpkins

The record for the biggest pumpkin in the world is a holy grail for giant vegetable growers: these days you need a forklift truck just to get your pumpkin to the showground for weighing.

Most of us can't manage pumpkins quite that big, but it's fun to see how big a monster you can manag…

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