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Plant of the Week: Rhododendrons

Plant of the Week: Rhododendrons

It's time for the most spectacular firework display in the gardening calendar, as rhododendrons and azaleas burst into bloom filling the garden with day-glo colours.

These days you don't need a huge garden to enjoy these late-spring superstars: the new 'yak' (yakushimanum) varieties grow happily in the smallest of spaces, even in containers. Buy them in full glorious flower right now from our garden centre: particularly lovely varieties to look out for are 'Sneezy', in bright pink, pure white 'Blewbury', and soft lilac 'Ernest Inman'. None reach more than about 1m tall and enjoy a roomy pot – about 35-45cm – and ericaceous (lime-free) compost.

Scarifying grass

If you haven't done it so far this spring, your lawn could benefit from a raking right now with a wire-rined rake. Work over the grass in two directions , the second at right angles to the first. The idea is to extract dead grass (called ‘thatch') and moss. It will also lift some straggly grass stems for more efficient cutting. ;

Square foot vegetable gardening

Short of space in your Skegness garden? Then this is the technique for you. All you need is a single raised bed to enjoy a wide variety of fruit and veg all year round. Here's how:

Build your raised bed: a raised bed: 1.2m x 1.2m gives you 16 squares…

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