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Plant of the Week: Hamamelis mollis

Plant of the Week: Hamamelis mollis

The Chinese witch hazel, Hamamelis mollis, casts a delicate, spidery spell on your garden throughout the winter months. You'll begin to notice its curiously curled lemony petals unfurling about now on bare branches; soon after, the air fills with a glorious spicy scent (enjoy its full intensity by cutting a branch and bringing it indoors).

It makes a large shrub, growing slowly to about 3m, and is happy in sun or shade (though you'll get the best of the flowers in a sunny spot as the scent is triggered by sunshine). The choice varieties include 'Goldcrest', with scarlet-centred blooms, and 'Wisley Supreme' with flowers of palest yellow.

Organise your seeds

Get organised before the spring rush by making a list of what seeds to sow when, including a plan for successional sowings. While you're at it, check the sow-by dates on your seed packets and throw out any that are too old: fresh seed ensures better germination rates and boosts your chances of success.

Winter vegetables

When you're happily beavering away in the veg garden over summer in Skegness, it can seem like the long days of abundant flowers and fruit will never end. But one day, inevitably, you cut the last pumpkin and pull up the bean plants and it is, undeniably, winter.

There's no need to stop…

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